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Wonderful Staff

I'm leaving this post here for the wonderful ladies and gentlemen dance instructors , Salinas, Betheny, Chulsea and Isaac… As well as Arthur Murray dance studio and Clackamas.the manager and instructors could not be better, they are professional patient with a warm smile as they guide you through the course with no pressure. I for one, would highly recommend Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Clackamas, and their wonderful staff, along with good location with easy parking.

by Michelle Whittaker on Arthur Murray Dance Studios
Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this place. Started taking lessons about six months ago and I am already seeing so much improvement and having a blast. My main teacher is Tom and he is nothing short of phenomenal. I have also had lessons with Shannon too she has been excellent. All the instructors are light hearted and fun and at the same time or very serious about seeing you improve. Highly recommended for ballroom dancing lessons.

Walk in, Dance out.

My wife and I have been taking lessons here for over 8 years. The staff is professional, friendly, and caring. They teach more than just steps, you actually learn how to dance. Like they say "Walk in, dance out".

by Christian McKenna Stephens on Arthur Murray Dance Studios
You Won't Be Disappointed

My whole life I had always thought that the art of dancing looked so intriguing and I was left in awe of the people who could do it. My whole life, though, I have also been a very logical thinker who stays in her comfort zone and doesn't do anything that would make a fool of myself. Having never danced before, I decided that I would inquire at the local Arthur Murray (in Clackamas). I figured if I took a beginner country dance course, they wouldn't expect me to know anything and unless I managed to trip over my own feet and wind up on the ground (bonus points: I didn't!), I could avoid making a fool of myself while still pushing myself to try something new and fun. I met Tom and Salinas in July and explained to them that my goal was not to become great or compete or do anything fancy, but just to have fun and learn this skill of dancing. What I didn't realize was just how much Arthur Murray would impact my life.Jump forward to just under 4 months later, I am getting ready to test in to Bronze 2. Not only have I learned lots of dances and how to do the step patterns, but I also met such amazing people in the process. Additionally, I have found that my posture and balance have vastly improved. Not just while dancing either, but while running around in real life too. I find that I sit up straight and aligned without even a second thought to it anymore. I am much more aware and in control of my movements, walking more balanced and feeling lighter on my feet.Lastly, and most importantly, I have learned a trust that I haven't had in people for a long time, and a confidence in myself that I have never had before in my life. Dance isn't just about learning a few patterns of steps to do with a partner (though that is very exciting). It has become so much more to me. It is a hobby and a passion and such an all-around amazing experience for me that I am so very happy to have taken that first step back in July. There are such warm and inviting instructors and students at the studio who truly care about your success. It is always the highlight of my week to go practice and have fun dancing with such awesome people. I cannot thank my family at Arthur Murray Clackamas enough for all they have done for me and I look forward to continuing my lessons there.I highly encourage anyone, no matter how inexperienced or two-left-footed you think you are, to go in and talk to the Arthur Murray Clackamas Team. You won't be disappointed and it will be a fantastic change in your life!

by Ralph Stevens on Arthur Murray Dance Studios
Great People

The greatest 5 years of fun. Rita is amazing instructor and friendliest manager on this planet. Great people... Great experience... YOU are worth it!

by April Ortega Gutman on Arthur Murray Dance Studios
Instructor was Amazing

My husband and I had a wonderful time. Our dance instructor was amazing and we're looking forward to our next class.

Worthwhile Investment

It has been my wife's life-long dream to ballroom dance. Salinas and the rest of the Clackamas Arthur Murray Team helped make that dream come true for both of us. In just a few short months, we've gone from unsure and clumsy to a confident and graceful couple on the dance floor. The combination of personal lessons along with free group classes and dance parties really helped make learning all the dance moves simple, fast and fun. Plus Salinas' personal attention ensured that we not only danced well together, but really looked good dancing together as a couple. We now have so much confidence no matter where we dance, and we get plenty of complements too! We're having so much fun and have met some great new friends along the way! Most importantly, this has been a great opportunity for my wife and I to connect on and even more intimate level and fall in love all over again. This has been a very worthwhile investment in an education that will last us a lifetime together as a couple. So thankful for Salinas and Daniel, and all that they do!

Great Experience

What a great experience to be able to add years and dexterity to your life. You will feel accomplished and special getting your left foot, right foot , body and brain all to work together as the instructors are exceptional people who care. Phil and Rebecca have such a respectful and caring attitude for the clients and everyone just belongs to one happy family that has fun

Wonderful Staff

Such a wonderful staff and so much focus on each student. Could not be happier.

by Ralph Stevens on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Your Dance Experience Will Be Fun

This could be the best investment of your life. The people that you will meet are amazing. Your Dance Experience will be fun. This is an exceptional group of instructors. They will care about every dance that you dance

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