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Great Experience

What a great experience to be able to add years and dexterity to your life. You will feel accomplished and special getting your left foot, right foot , body and brain all to work together as the instructors are exceptional people who care. Phil and Rebecca have such a respectful and caring attitude for the clients and everyone just belongs to one happy family that has fun

Wonderful Staff

Such a wonderful staff and so much focus on each student. Could not be happier.

by Ralph Stevens on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Your Dance Experience Will Be Fun

This could be the best investment of your life. The people that you will meet are amazing. Your Dance Experience will be fun. This is an exceptional group of instructors. They will care about every dance that you dance

by Karen Shaw Howard on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Amazing Instructors

Amazing instructors and fun dancers. All ages all sizes and all entertaining.

by Mike Hanton on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Love Dancing with My Wife

Once my wife Jennifer and I walk on the dance floor, all our focus is on dance. The great staff at Arthur Murray are great. Dance is an escape from all other issues in your day. We leave with a smile and wanting to come back for me.

by Victoria Racz on Arthur Murray Dance Studios


I have been taking lessons at Arthur Murray Vancouver since November 2012, and it was one of the best life decisions I've ever made.While the cost of the lessons are high, it is best to remember that one is purchasing a PACKAGE that includes the lesson, dance classes and the parties, and the latter two items are unlimited as long as I keep up lessons on a regular basis. The quality of the long-term dance instructors is top-notch, and since I am also a professional musician, I have worked with many dancers and other performers throughout the years and know what to look for, and I wouldn't spend my hard-earned money here unless I was getting instruction from the best of the best.I went into this with a plan to only take a few lessons to learn the basic steps. A few years later I can dance a huge variety of dances (Waltz, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Triple Time Swing, Rhumba, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Foxy, Hustle, Samba, Merengue, Tango, Argentine Tango, etc.) and confidently get up and dance with my man at any club or concert!When I walked into that studio in 2012 it never occurred to me that my dance instructors would be doing the choreography for my first dance at my 2014 wedding, but that's exactly what happened. (Thank you Maks and Rebecca! In fact, both of them went way above and beyond - Rebecca even came to my dress fitting to make sure I'd be able to do 'the moves' I needed to!)So, give this a try with an open mind, and see what a difference it can make in your life.

by Nicole Dietrich on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Well Worth the Money

All the instructors are wonderful and take the time to make lessons specifically for you. The staff and fellow students are welcoming and you'll feel as if you are apart of the family ๐Ÿ™‚ It is well worth the money spent.

by Leslie Sultani on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

Wonderful Friends & Mentors

You are ALL not just instructors; I consider you wonderful friends & mentors. Thank you for being there and helping me become not just the best dancer I can be but the best me. I appreciate all you do. I look forward to what else you help me discover in my dancing....maybe even smooth? Nah! ๐Ÿ˜‰

by Carol L. Fox on Arthur Murray Dance Studios

The staff is extremely well trained for any level of dance and age category

The most wonderful experience in the World. Great exercise, you use your body and that improves the mind quick thinking, great for balance ,posture, and having a wonderful time. The staff is extremely well trained for any level of dance and age category and they are friendly and encouraging..A unique experience to dance and get exercise that will give you confidence to have fun and do things that you never knew that you could do...Carol L. Fox

I Love These Guys!

I love these guys! Been going for a couple of months now, and had to start working an extra day a week to afford it, but I'm hooked! Everybody is friendly and welcoming. All levels of experience are welcome, and while I often feel like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing, somehow I find myself doing it anyway because of these talented, wonderful people.I didn't experience any of the high-pressure sales other posters have mentioned. It's a business, to be sure, and they want to make sure you schedule your individual classes regularly and encourage you to sign up for more lessons, but they've always done so with warmth and grace. And it's not as though they're only trying to get you there for the things that keep the rent paid - I get phone calls at least once a week inviting me to a particular group class (which are included at no extra charge, at least under the plan that I'm on) that my instructor thinks would be a good supplement to our lessons.I've taken individual and 2-person lessons and attended group classes and practice parties. It's all really fun, and there's always an instructor nearby to help when you're just not getting it, or need another set of eyes, or just want to try something out with a different partner for a minute.I'm certain I could find less expensive dance lessons in the area, but I'd be hard-pressed to find a better community of energetic, enthusiastic people.

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